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Why use DealRewards

Put your unwanted loyalty points to use. Whether they’re about to expire, or you’re in excess, DealRewards is a safe and secure way to get paid for using your points.

How it works


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Exchange Fees

There are no fees to sign up and no hidden fees. DealRewards generally charges a 10% service fee on each order fulfilled. This means we only get paid when you do.

Redeemer Guarantees

We accept payments from shoppers before we ever ask you to use your points. This way we guarantee your payout from the moment you accept and fulfil the shopper’s order.

DealRewards will never ask you for access to your loyalty account and will never ask you to transfer your points to another account.

It is completely safe to use DealRewards as redeeming your points for rewards complies with airline and loyalty program’s terms and conditions.

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